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By Lourdes Silva and Rita Fischer

Fischer-Silva start from what they call: News of the hybridization of the world, to produce and deploy an ecosystem-macula, in which objects amalgamate, stick together, juxtapose, perforate, overlap, misplace, lose form and identity, proposing worlds-more-than-human: viscous worlds, de-centered from anthropocentric logics established through the divisions between nature and culture, humanity and non-humanity, life and non-life, inside and outside. A set of masses that ride between the organic and the digital, a series of experiments with chemical-magical materialities, political alloys that manifest themselves as accidents for the depersonalization of the world. What happens between this and this? How does it stick? How does it camouflage? How does it compost?


Untitled -"De los pájaros" - Centro de exposiciones Subte - Montevideo

Materials:  Mix media and water. Dimensions:  700cm x 800 cm  - Year 2022

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