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'Novus" Installation view at EAC, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, Montevideo.

Materials: wall paint of the unrestored cells of Miguelete´s ex-jail which is known now as EAC (Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo), paper and pins.

Variable Dimensions: this installation room messure 300cm x 200cm x 400 cm. Year : 2017

"Novus "Detail

"Novus"It arises from staring at a deteriorated wall in the building of my workshop, more precisely in the adjoining room. 

Each piece of damaged paint was detached and inverted, leaving the paint layers more to the front, uncovering new images: a vision of the present from a rereading of the past, where they appear forms that refer to the representation of the world.

Of these decadent fragments barely lit with pins on the wall, a divided landscape emerges and composed of large archipelagos, islands of land (and of sea), in an uncertain floating space.

Are we facing a landscape that is built or destroyed?The periphery moves away or approaches the center? It seems that Novus leave us in a space / time of tension, between dualities,place to reflect, to question the idea of ​​progress and order of the world, a state of fragility due to the weight and conflict of the course of history. We are facing a event in suspension, which is map and landscape at the same time.

"Novus "Detail

"Novus "Detail

"Novus " Detail

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