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"Hipotenusa" Installation view at Este-Arte Art Fair. Punta del Este,Uruguay. Materials: mirror, tree roots, wire, tubes, wood, rolled paints, ink on paper, canvas, artificial grass, tree branches, container with water and a fresh carrot. Approximate Dimensions: 300cm x 600cm x 500cm. Year 2018

"Hipotenusa” arises from the idea of building an island.

It converges in a disproportionate and long line that crosses the space from an undefined starting point.

It is composed of various materials: some of my paintings rolled up,tubes, mirror, roots, branches and a carrot (among many others) generating thus, a plot of puzzling situations.

To further accentuate its complexity, I decided that the landscape should be realizedon a sloping line, from which two ideas emerge. The first is represented by one of the many elements included in "Hypotenusa": a large glass with water that delineates the level of a horizon, an area of possibility,

of change, an utopia. From a glimpse to a solution or indication of the benign.The second to define the dimensions and spatial form of the work. I used the Theorem of Pythagoras, which on this occasion poses a contradiction: the flat geometry ranges from two to three dimensions (apparently impossible), being presented as a fleeting form of landscape and reaffirming thus, the idea that painting and drawing expand beyond the plane.

"Hipotenusa" detail

"Hipotenusa" detail

"Hipotenusa" detail

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